Loading Control Antibody FAQs

1. What is loading control?

Loading control proteins are known to be constitutively and stably expressed at high levels in almost all tissues and cells. Housekeeping proteins, such as GAPDH, beta-tubulin, beta-actin represent some of the well-known loading control proteins.

2. What’s the main purpose of loading control antibody?

Loading control antibodies help determine whether samples have been loaded equally in each lane. This information is needed to determine whether the difference in levels of the protein of interest in different samples is due to loading variance or sample-to-sample expression level differences. Loading control antibodies also help to serve to display the effective transfer of protein during western blotting.

3. What should be considered when choosing a loading control antibody?

  1. Housekeeping proteins. A loading control protein should be a protein that shows ubiquitous expression at high levels, in almost all tissues and cells.
  2. Molecular weight. When choosing a loading control, it is important to choose a protein that does not have a similar molecular weight to that of your protein of interest;
  3. Others such as Reactivity, Application, host and localization or conjugation should also be taken into consideration according to your own experiment.

4. What’s the advantage of OriGene loading control antibodies?

  1. Origene offers a wide selection of loading control antibodies for GAPDH, beta-tubulin, beta-actin and HSP90AB1 for several species.
  2. Most are monoclonal antibodies provided with validation data on a panel of cell lines.
  3. HRP- and biotin-conjugated versions of these antibodies are also available.